Tile Map Service for a CarPC

Second part of blog on open source CarPC, focused on running local TMS server to provide satellite imagery layer in navigation GUI. Here was first part on open source raster navigation suite.

17 Feb 2018

CarPC raster navigation, the UNIX way

A part of a long story how back in 2009 I had built a FreeBSD based CarPC running only open source software, featuring all required functionality for my offroad travels. I am still using this setup, at least once per year.

15 Dec 2017

Using Garmin 276C in 2017

Garmin 276C was released in 2004, discontinued for sale in 2010 and not supported since 2013. It was marketed as a chartplotter, a marine mapping device. Suprisingly it got really popular in Russia, not a sea country at all.

05 Dec 2017